Learning about stocks and options is a first step in becoming a successful investor. In addition to understanding trends in the overall market, concepts like volatility and how a stock can move from earnings to earnings cycle are important elements to understand. You’ll also want to know which criteria makes stocks good candidates for buying and selling.

Tradespoon’s proprietary platform assists you with the help  an artificial neural network that analyzing voluminous market data and applies both fundamental and technical analysis to generate forecasting data. Tradespoon’s platform contains a robust collection of tool-sets that can be used independently, or in conjunction with one another, to find optimal entry and exit points in the market. Whether you’re a day-trader, interested in long-term positions, or swing-trading, our tools and services allow you to find profitable trade ideas based on your investment criteria. 


I. Tradespoon 101

II. Advanced Options Strategies

The Greeks

III. Technical Analysis

Introduction to Technical Analysis


Chart Patterns

Reading Predictions

IV. Developing a Trading Plan

Portfolio Management


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