The Stock Forecast Toolbox consists of a set of tools that allows you to type any symbol, ETF, Index or Stock and find the predictions for the next 10 days. It can forecast the Stock Price’s Trend, Turning Points, Movement Vector’s Direction, and ‘Buy-Sell’ signal with stunning accuracy for both a Short and Long term investment strategy. Here are the other components of the toolbox:


Profit Calculator

Estimates the potential profit from the investment. You can type in any sticker like Microsoft or Apple, and our algorithm will predict how much money you would have made in the past if you had followed our recommendations. The Profit Calculator can also show you how accurate our model is for predicting Direction and key Support and Resistance levels for any specific stock.


Company Screener

This unique tool can be used to find the company with the most profitable return. It allows you to screen and find companies that have the highest predictability factor, and hence the highest probability that the stocks will go high and outperform the market.


Portfolio Management

This feature combines several Tradespoon investment strategies into a single report, or a custom short-list. You can enter up to 20 tickers and symbols from your portfolio, and we will send you daily alerts showing our predictions for each of the stocks. You’ll see predicted Open-Close Prices, 10-day Support and Resistance levels, Market Value based on number of shares held, and an Estimated Value based on our forecasted Buy/Sell signals.


I. Tradespoon 101

II. Advanced Options Strategies

The Greeks

III. Technical Analysis

Introduction to Technical Analysis


Chart Patterns

Reading Predictions

IV. Developing a Trading Plan

Portfolio Management


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