Trade Intelligence Platform
The power of predictive analytics for trading

Tradespoon's exclusive Trade Intelligence Platform - honed over 15 years for unmatched predictive precision - is an invaluable, user-friendly set of tools that allows our members to quickly determine exactly what, how, and when to trade - putting profitable trading within reach!

Trade Intelligence Platform Features:

Tradespoon Bulls/Bears

Review the complete weekly ranking of the stocks our system deems most overperforming/underperforming (bullish/bearish). Each week, our sophisticated algorithm orders trades with a higher potential for return based on assumed performance variance versus the S&P 500 Index (SPX). Then our team of trading industry veterans completes analysis to validate the rankings. Get a jump-start on potential profit opportunities by tapping into the full output of our algorithms.

Tradespoon Scoop

Seasonal Charts

Review graphs depicting the historical performance of each stock to help forecast future performance. See how a stock has performed historically and will likely fare under different political, economic, fundamental and technical conditions. This tool may help you:

  • Decide which side of the market you should be on
  • Estimate how long up-trends and down-trends are likely to last
  • Approximate where tops and bottoms are likely to occur so that you can set buy and sell stops
  • Determine which price “blips” are indicator whipsaws that might produce trading losses
Seasonal Charts

Probability Calculator

This tool will help determine the likelihood of an underlying stock trading above, below, or between certain price targets on a specified date.

Probability Calculator


Tradespoon ActiveTrader service is for the busy trader who does not have the time to research their own trades, but still wants to remain active in the market each and every day.



Tradespoon MonthlyTrader service is for the busy Swing Trader who does not have the time to research their own trades, but still wants to remain active in the market each and every week.


Stock Forecast Toolbox

Tradespoon will forecast the Stock Price’s Trend, Turning Points, Movement Vector's Direction, and "Buy-Sell" Signals with stunning accuracy for both a short- and long-term investment strategy.

  • Stock Forecast Tool — The Stock Forecast Tool predicts a stock's price trend over a time period of 1 hour to 10 business days, and as long as 6 months.
  • Profit Calculator — The Profit Calculator will estimate the potential profit from investment.
  • Company Screener — The Company Screener is a unique tool to find companies with the profitable returns.
  • Portfolio Manager — The Portfolio Manager combines Tradespoon investment strategies into a single report.
Stock Forecast Toolbox


Access educational training videos/webinars to enhance your trading skills. Tradespoon offers weekly live online training sessions and has a large collection of online videos accessible at any time. Training topics include:

  • Technical stock analysis
  • Fundamental stock analysis
  • Options trading basics

Forex Forecast Tool

Tradespoon lets you find winning Forex trades in minutes. Using the most powerful predictive analytics available, you can accurately pinpoint currency price trends for both daily and intra-day timeframes.

  • Real-Time Currency Pricing
  • Custom Historical Price Charts
  • Accurate Price Forecasts
  • One-Click Data Downloads
Forex Forecast Tool

Futures Forecast Toolbox

Instantly predict any Future's next day high and low trading range and provide both long and short-term forecasts of price direction with up to 80% accuracy.


Trade Idea Tool

Combine Tradespoon’s excellence in predicting outcomes of trade performance with your own investment criteria. Our Trade Idea Tool begins with your unique risk/reward profile, preferred investment vehicle, and your market outlook (bullish or bearish). Then it provides you with high-quality trade ideas including:

  • The probability of each stock trading at a certain level during the time horizon you have selected
  • How bullish or bearish the stock is in the short term
  • Tradespoon’s Proprietary Buy/Sell Rating
Trade Idea Tool

Premium Member Stock and Options Picks

As a special bonus, we'll periodically alert subscribers about our highest quality trade picks, based on market conditions and our stringent criteria, along with direction (long or short) and exact entry and exit prices. Taking action is your call... consider whether you will trade the pick and, if so, the volume of shares to trade.

Options Toolbox

Stock Focus List

Listing of highly liquid stocks, sorted by most recently updated research, along with links to Seasonal Charts and Probability Calculator.

Stock Focus List

Portfolio Toolbox

Portfolio Analysis

  • Monitor all portfolios under your direction at a glance
  • View value, year-to-date and daily return, volatility, weighting and other indicators
  • Drill into each portfolio for performance and risk metrics, holdings breakdown and more
  • Compare portfolios to market indexes

Portfolio Optimization

For each of your portfolios, the platform will recommend a more optimal portfolio, using options to achieve the desired balance. Our rebalancing algorithm constructs these efficient portfolios by examining asset correlation and using the optimization scheme you specify, including:

  • Markowitz: Tradespoon will seek to reach a specified return with minimal variance using a Markowitz mean-variance optimization; you define the frequency
  • Buy and hold: Tradespoon will maintain a static asset allocation and rely on manual rebalancing
  • Equal weights: Tradespoon will seek to maintain a static allocation of weights and will rebalance as asset prices fluctuate; you define the frequency

Portfolio Management

  • Conduct asset reallocation using a mean-variance optimal allocation
  • Backtest the performance of various portfolio allocations using our historical asset database
  • Detect and optimize the portfolio’s exposure to various macro sectors
  • Benchmark portfolios against leading US indices and portfolio historical performance through built-in charting and visualization or via export to Excel
Options Toolbox

Third-Party Integrations


To execute your trade ideas in the live market, consider the intuitive, institutional-grade trading platform at TradingBlock. As a special bonus, TradingBlock offers Tradespoon members special savings off of TradingBlock's already-competitive commission rates!

Options Toolbox


Barchart Premier is a customized ad-free experience that gives you the power of institutional grade data and research tools an affordable price. Designed for the self-directed investor, Barchart Premier unlocks all the features of Barchart... Options Screeners, Watchlists, Historical Data download, My Charts, Unlimited Custom Views, Advanced Alerts, and Screen on List to name a few. As a Premier Member you can receive personalized research delivered to your Inbox every day – your favorite Charts – personalized Screeners – your Portfolio or your Watchlist featuring any off the hundreds of fields available within Custom Views.

Options Toolbox


Free weekly market commentary, trend analysis and insights as to where the best investing opportunities lie according Tradespoon's proprietary models that continue to adapt to all market conditions through artificial intelligence. Sector highlights and details of complementary stock recommendations and recent winning investments.



We seek to serve "long term" investors, where fundamental analysis, while still utilized, takes a back seat to computer generated mathematical formulas modeled to eliminate risk while bringing forth a high degree of technical certainty about a stock's future direction. Charter Members will be advised on managing a portfolio of Tradespoon's top 10-20 stock recommendations. Vlad Karpel, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, will invest his own money in this portfolio.


Elite Trading Circle

The Elite Trading Circle membership is a close-knit group of self-directed traders with exclusive transparency into Vlad Karpel's trading activity and extended Live Trading Room sessions. This membership also includes our new WeeklyTrader service- based on a newly developed prediction algorithm optimized for 2-5 day stock and option positions.