Vlad Alert! Cashing in on the China Trade Syndrome

November 14, 2019
By Vlad Karpel

RoboStreet – November 14, 2019 

China Deal or No Deal Scenario Stalls Rally 

The trade war with China and the hope for a signed “Phase One” deal by year-end continue to dictate the current trading landscape. Getting a done deal is the single most important issue to large market participants and it shows when major averages spike and plunge on related headlines. This week has been no different as investors try to decipher the state of trade negotiations with China, which are reportedly in question amid reports China and the U.S. aren’t seeing eye-to-eye on a tariff rollback provision.

Some key points to note are that trade hawk Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro, in a Fox Business interview last night, called WSJ reports about trade talks hitting a snag “rumor stuff” and says the U.S is on a “glide path” to a phase one agreement with China. For Mr. Navarro to go on record with these comments is in my view significant.

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Countering this optimism is China’s Commerce Ministry saying China and the U.S. are holding “in-depth” trade talks and tariff cancelations is a key condition to reach a deal, which is very unpopular with the U.S. trade team as is radically lowers any leverage the U.S. has on China to enforce the terms of a trade deal. In a show of bad faith, Reuters reported suspected Chinese hackers broke into an industry group for U.S. manufacturers that have helped shape President Donald Trump’s trade policies. At the same time, China purchased five cargoes of soybeans from the U.S. this week. 

China reported it lifted a ban on imports of U.S. poultry, but this move was first announced in October, so this is not new news. Economic data released Wednesday included weaker than expected growth figures from China. China’s October Industrial Production rose 4.7% yr/yr (expected 5.4%), Retail Sales increased 7.2% yr/yr (expected 7.9%), Fixed Asset Investment rose 5.2% yr/yr (expected 5.4%), and Unemployment Rate dipped to 5.1% from 5.2%. China’s GDP is in a steady decline. 

In yet another highly fluid situation, Global Times reported that a curfew will be imposed in Hong Kong over the weekend, but the publication later deleted the tweet with that claim. The protests are in their sixth month and growing more violent and deadly with each and every day. The South China Morning Post reported that a U.S. Congressional commission recommended the U.S. should suspend the special economic status granted to Hong Kong if China deploys its military forces in the city. 

Source: Associated Press 

President Trump needs a deal as he moves into the 2020 election cycle and China’s President Xi needs a deal to avert a further economic slowdown as well as stem the capital flight by wealthy Chinese citizens. My view is that there will be a deal, but more watered down from its original form. Both sides will claim victory and the global markets will continue to trade higher. 

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