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May 16, 2019
By Vlad Karpel

RoboStreet – May 16, 2019

Recreational Marijuana Use In Legal Motion

Despite the calls from a number of anti-drug interests,  steady progress is being made to legalize recreational marijuana use. To date, 11 states have legalized weed altogether, which includes both medical and recreational use. Comprehensive medical marijuana use is now legal in 22 states while 14 states restrict weed use to the controlled distribution of CBD only products. When added together, 47 of America’s 50 states allowing for cannabis sales in some form.

The trendsetting states for recreational use include California where adults can possess up to one ounce and gift one ounce of pot to another adult. While public consumption is technically illegal, users can light up in cannabis cafés. Adults can also maintain a home pot garden consisting of no more than six plants.

Alaska has also legalized recreational pot consumption with very similar limits to possession and home-grown garden production as that of California. Here too, smoking pot in public is prohibited, but a law passed in March 2019 now allows for on-site weed consumption at licensed retailers (a.k.a. – emporiums).

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The same holds true for Colorado, the groundbreaking state in the broader pot movement. Again, public consumption is outlawed, but just this month, May 2019, a new law allows for the authorization of cannabis cafés where patrons can enjoy their favorite strain of ganjah with friends. Once again, possession and home-grown production limits are aligned with those of California and Alaska.

Washington D.C. allows for the possession of two ounces of weed that must be used in privacy while the production of 6 plants is legal. The state of Maine allows for the possession of 2.5 ounces of pot for recreational use. Massachusetts lets adults own one ounce of weed. Michigan has a 2.5-ounce limit like D.C. Nevadans can own one ounce. Citizens of Oregon can own one ounce and those that live in Washington State can possess up to one ounce of weed.

It’s clear that most of the possession, home-growing and use laws are fairly similar in those states that have legalized recreational pot use. There are some uniform laws that apply to all though. Buyers and those possessing cannabis must be 21 years of age. Pot cannot be transported across state lines. Local governments can override the state’s legalization laws and driving while high is an offense under DUI regulations.

With what appears to be a widening path of new laws for the open use of marijuana for pure pleasure, it begs the question of which companies operating in the cannabis space are going to benefit most from sales and profits of the recreational weed rollout. It stands to reason that the biggest volume producer of weed is a likely winner in this race to supply the burgeoning market that at the moment is limited to ten states.

From the various companies I’ve highlighted is past months, Aurora Cannabis (ACB) seems to be one of the odds-on favorites. The company is on track to produce more than 1.2 million kilograms of cannabis in 2019, which is more than twice that of its nearest competitor Canopy Growth (CGC) at 560,000 kilograms followed by Emerald Health (350,000 kilograms) and Tilray (TLRY) at 320,000 kilograms.

In the most recent quarterly report, Aurora Cannabis posted sequential revenue growth of 20% of $65 million, up from $54 million in the prior quarter. The company saw a growth of 37% in the recreational use market. Year-over-year revenue growth was a staggering 305% from $16.1 million. The company also reported strong international growth of 40% in sequential quarterly sales. ACB posted a wider loss than expected, but investors are betting the robust top-line growth will show up in bottom line profits at some point.

Billionaire activist Nelson Peltz is heavily involved with the company and is instrumental in helping to guide ACB’s international expansion plans. Having a hands-on corporate veteran like Peltz is a very good strategic move on the part of ACB management.

Shares of ACB are trading just under $9 and have been trading in a fairly tight range, as pot stocks go. A break above $10 will really open the way for the stock to re-challenge $12 and potentially trade higher as the underlying fundamental story improves along with more headlines about the relaxation of recreational pot laws in the U.S.

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