Learn from our experts how to trade smarter

As part of your Tradespoon membership, you have unlimited access to educational training videos/webinars to enhance your trading skills.

Tradespoon offers weekly live online training sessions and has a large collection of online videos accessible at any time. Our experienced leaders conduct these events.

Training topics include:

Technical stock analysis
Learn how to use this method of predicting the future direction of stock prices based on a past market performance, price volatility and trading volumes.

Fundamental stock analysis
Analyze historical and current performance of a company—including financial statements, management team, competitive advantage and industry dynamics—to make financial forecasts.

Options trading basics
Discover fundamental techniques for trading options using the Tradespoon Trade Intelligence Platform.

Note for new options traders:
Options trading is complex. It is important to learn and practice options trading before using actual money. This is why Tradespoon offers daily options trading ideas. We also suggest that you enroll in formal options trading classes.