Portfolio Management, Analysis and Optimization
Recalibrate to lock in returns and guard against risk

Market shifts happen by the second. As soon as an investment portfolio has been constructed to be optimized against specific objectives, it’s almost instantly sub-optimal.

Modern Portfolio Theory holds that it is possible to optimally allocate investments between assets to maximize expected return, based on a given level of market risk.

To empower you to do so, Tradespoon provides a point-and-click interface to monitor the performance of your investment portfolios. Consider our optimal allocation recommendations to outperform the market, based on our re-balancing algorithms and your defined preferences.

There is no comparable tool on the market for self-directed investors.

Portfolio Analysis

  • Monitor all portfolios under your direction at a glance
  • View value, year-to-date and daily return, volatility, weighting and other indicators
  • Drill into each portfolio for performance and risk metrics, holdings breakdown and more
  • Compare portfolios to market indexes

Portfolio Optimization

For each of your portfolios, the platform will recommend a more optimal portfolio, using options to achieve the desired balance. Our rebalancing algorithm constructs these efficient portfolios by examining asset correlation and using the optimization scheme you specify, including:

  • Markowitz: Tradespoon will seek to reach a specified return with minimal variance using a Markowitz mean-variance optimization; you define the frequency
  • Buy and hold: Tradespoon will maintain a static asset allocation and rely on manual rebalancing
  • Equal weights: Tradespoon will seek to maintain a static allocation of weights and will rebalance as asset prices fluctuate; you define the frequency

Portfolio Management

  • Conduct asset re-allocation using a mean-variance optimal allocation
  • Backtest the performance of various portfolio allocations using our historical asset database
  • Detect and optimize the portfolio’s exposure to various macro sectors
  • Benchmark portfolios against leading US indices and portfolio historical performance through built in charting and visualization or via export to Excel

How it works

Our use of options is based on current research demonstrating that rebalancing using options enables investors to systematize their portfolio rebalancing in a manner superior to calendar or trigger-based approaches, while allowing them to enhance portfolio returns and return-risk ratios.