Follow Vlad as he invests in a long-term stock portfolio

With RoboInvestor we give you investing ideas that have been screened by rigid analysis. We use the Tradespoon Bulls & Bears Tools along with the Stock Forecast Toolbox to test signals that both models agree on. Tradespoon is using its unique number-crunching artificial intelligence that has an 80%+ success rate to aid in finding stocks with a bullish 90-day or longer outlook.

It is our goal to provide an easy to access place of helping investors in crafting a portfolio consisting of our best 20+ stocks to own with a holding period of an intermediate-term time frame in mind. Many of the same AI properties being used for serious traders are applied to help serious investors outperform the market on a consistent basis.

Charter Members of RoboInvestor will receive a newsletter during the middle of each month and then a second update at month end. Each issue of RoboInvestor will include stock picks for our model portfolio with the intention of managing a portfolio to own 20-25 positions with a 90-120-day time horizon to achieve our price targets. Depending on how each holding performs, we will harvest profits when our internal system dictates to sell or when our trailing stops are hit. Tradespoon Founder and CEO Vlad Karpel will be participating in every recommendation with his own capital.