Premium Member Stock/Options Picks
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As a special bonus, we’ll periodically alert subscribers about our highest quality trade idea. This is a trade we believe—based on our proprietary algorithm and stringent criteria including price momentum, recent news, price and fundamentals—has the highest statistical chances of success.

Each premium member alert includes:

  • A stock trade idea
  • An option trade idea, based upon the same underlying stock (to minimize cash outlay)
  • An option spread trade idea – two options, each with different strike prices but the same target gain and stop loss ideas, based upon the same underlying stock (to mitigate risk)

Also included for each idea: a direction (long or short) and exact entry and exit prices.

Taking action is your call…consider whether you will trade the pick and, if so, the volume of shares to trade. You can auto-trade premium member picks on the TradingBlock platform or use the software of your choice to execute the trade ideas you choose.