The Science of Tradespoon
Like Pandora® for Investors

At the heart of the Tradespoon Trade Intelligence Platform is the philosophy of value investing: to profit from investing, investors should only buy stock below its fundamental value. Tradespoon is a tool that helps all investors—not just institutional investors with deep pockets—pinpoint these precise opportunities.

Tradespoon is like Pandora® for investors. Just as Pandora® represents volumes of research and ongoing refinement to catalog the characteristics of music and personal preferences of listeners, the Tradespoon proprietary platform is based on a sophisticated database of stock characteristics and investor preferences, honed over 15 years for unmatched predictive precision. We use an ongoing learning and feedback loop, reliant on powerful technology as well as human input, to most accurately select stocks with the highest statistical likelihood of providing a positive return on investment.

The Tradespoon platform monitors a universe of 1,000 U.S. stocks based on recent news and price actions for each stock. We leverage sophisticated algorithms, predictive analytics and vast computational power to identify stocks that may be undervalued, and rank them based on probability of a rise in value. Long-run earnings per share growth, stock volatility, beta, correlation between SPX and the stock and other data factor into the model.

Our team of trading industry veterans then completes technical and fundamental analysis of the stocks our system ranks.

This quantitative and qualitative information is accessible to you, through our platform, in a few clicks. Define your investment criteria, and we help you detect opportunities long before the market at large, so you profit!

The brainpower behind Tradespoon is founder and CEO Vlad Karpel, a quant trading guru with a trading technology development pedigree.