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Vlad Karpel

Vlad Karpel
Tradespoon Founder

Vlad is the former Head of Technology at OptionsXpress. He has spent 15 years building the most sophisticated, statistics-driven stock pick system on the market.

Tradespoon is comprised of a team of financial analysts and trading industry veterans who base their picks on a quantitative trading system built upon statistical analysis and in-depth algorithms.

Tim Biggam, a regular contributor to Bloomberg TV and CNBC, and a trading professional with over 20 years of trading and money management experience, has provided insight into his systems for trading in high and low volatility markets that is incorporated into Tradespoon’s algorithmic-driven selection process.

Recent Winning Stock Picks

United Rentals, Inc (URI)
04/11 - 04/22 
Avon Products, Inc (AVP)
02/25 - 04/18 
Finish Line Inc. (FINL)
02/27 - 04/18 
Norfolk Southern Corp. (NSC)
03/05 - 04/18 
Peabody Energy Corp. (BTU)
03/07 - 04/18 
Kroger Co (KR)
03/10 - 04/18 
Walt Disney Co. (DIS)
03/26 - 04/18 
Barnes & Noble, Inc. (BKS)
04/07 - 04/18 

Past results are not indicative of future profits. This table is accurate, though not every trade is represented.

Recent Winning Options Picks

United Rentals, Inc (URI)
04/11 - 04/22 
Norfolk Southern Corp. (NSC)
03/05 - 04/18 
Avon Products, Inc (AVP)
02/25 - 04/18 
Peabody Energy Corp. (BTU)
03/07 - 04/18 
Kroger Co (KR)
03/10 - 04/18 
Trinity Industries, Inc (TRN)
03/17 - 04/18 
Principal Financial Group Inc. (PFG)
03/19 - 04/18 
Micron Technology, Inc (MU)
03/20 - 04/18 

Past results are not indicative of future profits. This table is accurate, though not every trade is represented.


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