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Gary G.
Member since April 2016

I look forward to better utilizing your tools!

And for what it's worth, your company offers much more for your customers in the way of tools and service proportional to the price, than any other firm with the same business offerings.

Because of this, you are the only company I feel satisfied enough to pay for another years subscription!

Thank you!

Dessie H.
Member since November 2013

I placed the following trade yesterday before close.

JPM 85.5 Call expiry today stock @ $85.59

Option Cost 49 cents

I sold the option a few moments ago @ 95 cents, Stock @ $86.48

Profit of 46 cents relative to the 49 cents purchase price

Generates a return of almost 94% in one day.

I checked the 10 day prediction on JPM before placing the trade and it successfully predicted an increase close to $1

I purchased 2 contracts

I kind of think this is what tradespoon is about.

We are off to a winning start.

I protected my investment capital of $98, paid $29.90 commissions

Made a profit after commissions of $62.10

Gordon J.
Member since November 2016

I have seen no other site like yours. Did 60% on DLTR yesterday.

I did 40% on a short term CVS option this morning, my first Active trade.

Thomas C.
Member since August 2016

I wanted to pass the following information to you from Nora and myself. I got her to sign up with you a couple weeks after I signed up.

In the past month, (November), we have taken 20 stocks that we follow on a daily basis to see how well your program works

Here are the following results

Number stocks that triggered: 151

Number of stocks that were profitable: 143

Number losing stock trades: 8

I want to thank you for this tool to trade with. I have traded sine 1988 and never have I found an indicator (95%) that provides this kind of results. I have had many of the traders in the trading room I belong ask me if they can buy my picks. I explain ( as I cannot promote another firm in this room) that it is a private software that I can not sell.

Thomas H.
Member since August 2016

Since Monday 11/14/2016 the stock alert has had 36 triggering trades, 35 winners 1 loser

Thank You for your help in explaining to Nora and myself how to read the stock alert nightly tool. Once we had that we have had nothing but winners.

Jonathan M.
Member since October 2016

Your FX Forecaster is very impressive, have also had very accurate results on stocks also. On a live test account, took from 10K USD to 25K in 2 days trading the GBPUSD.

I'm that impressed am showing it to my colleague next week who will also sign up.

Dr. Clement Q.
Member Since November 2015

I love Tradespoon.....Vlad is a genius.

Tom L.
Member Since July 2016

I have been a premium member for about 1 month to the day. I have followed T.S. recommendations on 5 trades and very pleased to say my portfolio was up over $7,500 in July. All 5 trades were winners! Thank you!

Made another great trade today on AMAT, thanks Vlad! Very educational and profitable. Thanks and keep the great picks coming :-)

P.S. I have been actively trading for 15+ years and have tried at least 5 systems, all with poor results so needless to say I was skeptical of Tradespoon but not any more.

Marie-Anne P.
Member Since February 2016

Hello Vlad, just to let you know that for the first time I have put 2 of the trade you placed in the trading room AAPL & AMAT and won on both of them, thank you! I appreciate this service and specially when I can follow your steps in live. Thank you for this service.

Terry H.
Member Since July 2016

Vlad I must say I am so impressed the way you reply so quickly to client queries. Also thank you for your concise answer.

Larry C.
Member Since January 2016

Keep up the good work, Vlad.

Al M.
Member Since May 2016

I thought that the webinar was a good use of my time.
I have attended a few Tradespoon webinars, and I enjoy learning first-hand from Vlad. I definitely plan to attend some future webinars to learn more about Tradespoon and Vlad's trading techniques.
Also, I have been using the Tradespoon tools on a daily basis and find them to be very useful.

Sam M.
Member since November 2015

I truly appreciate your use of algorithms in stock prediction.
It was an important factor in my deciding to subscribe to Tradespoon.
Keep up the good work.
I find Bulls Without Earnings very helpful as I then do not have to be concerned with dividend days.
Trading using algorithms is the strategy of the future.
It's a trading strategy with great potential.

Earl B.
Member since March 2015

I am pleased to say that I am very impressed with your software, service & educational aspects of Tradespoon. Vlad was Avery helpful this morning and I rate him "the best" yet.

I have completed my trading education with many different sources, including Optionetics, Online Trading Academy & Dale Wheatley, and a few others, but I was immediately impressed with Vlad's personal communication and abilities.

I am looking forward to using your software in my daily trading activities.

Tim R.
Member since September 2014

I am new to options trading. Just getting started. I want to tell you this was an excellent presentation today. So, thanks for the great presentation.

Tommy M.
Member since September 2014

Hi Vlad - Greatly enjoyed your presentation. You validated some of my thinking about decision making, and it's a good feeling coming from someone who is a helluva lot smarter than I am.

Lisa D.
Member since December 2013

I appreciate the clarity and can understand why you need to explain this - don't worry, this is one happy customer!!! I have created my own tracking spreadsheet to ensure I am entering and exiting appropriately and after running my numbers have confirmed a profit equal to my monthly salary prior to going on extended sick leave - amazing!

Happy holidays to you and your family also, very much looking forward to continuing with Tradespoon in the new year :)

Arthur C.
Member since October 2013

First i would like to thank you for this excellent service.This is the best service that i have experienced that are actually producing very good picks.A lot more winners than losers.Please keep up the good work.Your free trial gave me a chance to see if this service will match my goals.I think that it will.My goals are to to trade options full time.At some point i want to quit my job and do this full time.So far i think this is what i have been looking for.I am going to give it a try for a full year and see how everything works.I can honestly say that if things keep going in the direction it is presently going i will keep this service forever.I have listen to you talk on the radio about your service and everything you have said about the retail traders is correct.I am not a newby to trading option but i am certainly not a expert,so i would like for you to keep it simple the way you presently are doing it.This makes it easier for me to trade.I don't think their is another service out there that can match or beat tradespoon at this point.Whatever you are doing to pick the winners please keep it up.

Thank you.

Timothy S.
Member since October 2013

I'm not much for enrolling for memberships for Stock/Option tips (everyone has the "perfect" trading method: for a price!); but after trying your 15-day free trial, I realized Tradespoon gave me exactly what I wanted: a daily option spread suggestions that I can put on every morning in a pretty automated way. Now I can setup my trade either later in the evening or early in the AM and when I get home I can see if it was taken and review all my current trades; as I said above this is "exactly what I needed"! Looking forward to some great trading! Keep up the great work!

I must say October was a good month! Looking forward to an equally great November.

Fred W.
Member since June 2013

I really like your service. You make good ideas much easier to evaluate. Difficult to go long with ideas when the market is correcting. Short ideas are welcome when institutions are distributing stock.

Thanks for your good efforts. Your free trial made a big difference in my decision to subscribe to the service. Thank you for that. Much continued success.

Bob P.
Member since April 2013

ANOTHER great pick Vlad !!! WOW! But this was the first spread that truly went past expectations and I went to seek max amt- even less-@ 1.6 and the stock had gone thru the target! Anyway thanx so much for this pick u nailed it yet again!

Mike D.
Member since April 2013

Tradespoon is new and I like them for their simplicity. They have only one pick a day and multiple research reports to back them up. Many times they send out the next day's pick the night before, I love that. Keep up the good work.

Jerry Z.
Member since March 2013

Thank you so much for doing such a good job with your stock picks!!!

Charlene M.
Member since November 2012

I've been following you for a long time, and have been recommending you to all my trade friends. Thank you for all your help.