How It Works
Using the Trade Intelligence Platform

Tradespoon’s affordable, user friendly Trade Intelligence Platform uses quant science to make it easy for every self directed investor — whether novice or experienced — to find and manage high quality, high return trade opportunities typically reserved for the elite. Here’s how it works:

1. We crunch the numbers and do the research.

Behind the scenes, our sophisticated algorithmic system leverages predictive analytics, sophisticated algorithms and hyper-fast data processing speed to find relevant patterns in voluminous stock data, winnowing out the trade ideas with the highest potential for profit. Our team of trading industry veterans then completes technical and fundamental analysis on these equities, which you can review at any time.

2. You generate custom trade ideas.

Use our platform to identify stock and option trade opportunities that match a defined investment profile. Review graphs depicting the historical performance of each stock to help and forecast future performance. Also access a full list of our open positions with trade actions (buy, sell, hold, long/short) and analysis reports as well as our complete weekly ranking of the most bullish and bearish stocks.

As a special bonus, we’ll periodically alert subscribers about our highest quality trade picks, based on market conditions and our stringent criteria.

3. You take action and profit.

Auto-trade the expert picks we provide using TradingBlock, or use the broker of your choice to execute the trade ideas you generate using our tools. Just getting started? Test our predictive precision by practicing trades using our virtual trading platform.

4. You manage and rebalance your investments.

Use our platform to monitor the performance of your investment portfolio and make adjustments to be best positioned to outperform the market, given a defined risk profile and other preferences.

As a special bonus, Tradespoon subscribers also have access to educational training videos and webinars to enhance your skill at using our tools to identify, trade and manage investment opportunities.

Learn about all the tools in our Trade Intelligence Platform.

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