“Artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race...”

Stephen Hawking interviewed on the BBC

“Artificial intelligence could generate consistent profits of 46 to 142 percent with 78% accuracy.”

Vlad Karpel, founder and creator of Tradespoon.com

Vlad Karpel

“Even artificial intelligence requires human input to do its thing.”


Everybody’s talking about Artificial Intelligence, or AI as it’s known for short. 

Scientists predict AI will transform the world by the end of this century.

What’s scary, is the thought of a rogue AI undertaking some interesting achievements in science and engineering, gaining control of Earth and even colonizing the galaxy.

Meanwhile, back here in the real world, AI has already turned Wall Street’s traditional approach to investing on its head and spawned. . .

A new generation of billionaires.

AI-managed hedge funds for the super-rich totaled assets of a whopping $3.37 trillion as of the end of the third quarter of 2017. 

Typically, major Wall Street firms employ mega-salaried data scientists, or "quants," who program ultra-sophisticated self-correcting AI statistical models to predict market trends and pinpoint particular investments.

I’m not talking about the plethora of lap top trading programs available to day traders.

I’m talking about cutting edge, state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar programs that utilize AI to identify trends in, and to respond to, trillions of bytes of data in nanoseconds to consistently help individual investors be ahead of the market.

And I’m going to tell you how you can take advantage of that same AI to generate huge gains.


“With your help I turned $30,000 to $52,000 in 12 months...thank you!!!”

Amos H., Missouri

What’s different about AI is its ability to “think” and make recommendations on its own.

Rather than relying upon reactive instructions programed by an analyst watching the market, AI has the “judgment” to act on its own and (here’s the killer) to learn the adjustments in the market as it goes along, sensing both its successes and failures.  By self-correcting in nanoseconds, AI grows rapidly and exponentially smarter.

In the past two or three years, fundamental analysis has taken a back seat to AI generated mathematical formulas modeled to eliminate risk about a stock’s  short and long-term direction.

Billion-dollar edge funds like Two Sigma and Renaissance Technologies say they rely on AI.

Bridgewater Associates and Point72 Asset Management, run by big Wall Street names Ray Dalio and Steven A. Cohen are moving in the same direction.

Newer entrants like Hong Kong based Aidyia and San Francisco startup Sentient Technologies have systems that not only pick the stocks, but also auto trade completely without human interaction.

Why should it matter to you?

It’s true that most hedge funds relying on AI are open exclusively to accredited investors with a minimum of a  millions of dollars in liquid net worth.

But, for starters, that’s evidence that AI is very much for real.  And these are the funds that move the markets.  You’ll need to keep up, or get ahead of them to generate real cash.

While this investing approach is all well and good for very rich accredited investors, how can the retail investor like you take advantage of this powerful and transformational wave of AI investing?

Let me issue a word of caution!

In case you didn’t know, Wall Street has quickly developed its own AI solution for individual investor.  It’s catchy generic title is Robo-advisor.

A Robo-advisor is an online, automated AI-driven, portfolio management program.

The Robo-advisor has officially gone main stream over the past few years, with big-name online brokers launching a series of much ballyhooed services.

E-Trade put out E-Trade Adaptive Portfolio.   Fidelity now has Fidelity Go, and TD Ameritrade launched TD Ameritrade Essential Portfolios.

Based on your risk tolerance and time horizon, these AI-driven robo-advisors use a set of pre-set rules, or computer algorithms, to choose appropriate ETF or fund and automatically execute trades with your money!

Did you get that?

Robo-advisors don’t tell you or ask you about what they’re doing with your money.  They just do it.  How would you feel about that?

Most Robo-advisors only cover ETFs and funds, not individual stocks.  If you know what you’re doing, stocks are where the nuggets of real profits are found. 

For the investors willing to hand off the responsibility of investing to others, the concept of the Robo-advisor might make sense.   

But. . .allow me to explain why. . .

Robo Advisors are not the best way to cash in on AI

If you prefer a hands-on approach to picking and choosing stocks to optimizing portfolio performance, the totally-blind, “trust me” methods used by  Robo-advisors is not for you.  

Well. . .good news.  Now there is a way you can take advantage of high-priced hedge fund AI output and still keep control of your stock portfolio and your money.

My name is Vlad Karpel, Founder & Chief Investment Officer.

“I want to introduce you to my RoboInvestor, a new, cutting edge, transformational investment service for individual investors that puts cutting-edge AI at your fingertips while still leaving you in control.”

By way of confidence, you should know that before founding Tradespoon in 2012, I was Executive Vice President and Head of Technology at OptionsXpress. Maybe you’ve heard of it?   Charles Schwab now offers its trading clients the very same  system I spearheaded, as their preferred trading tool.

During my tenure at OptionsXpress, the trading platform I developed handled some 300,000+ customers, processed more than 60,000 orders daily and powered company growth to over $1.6B in market capitalization.

I also served as CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Mediaocean and as a consultant and investor in other early-stage financial technology companies all of which were pioneers in the significant development and use of artificial intelligence. 

So. . .I really have been around.    I know how this high-tech AI really works.

But what counts now is that I have taken those 15 years of ground-breaking tech experience and used it to develop my own AI platform.

Yup, I took everything I learned at OptionsXpress, added my own proprietary technology and algorithms and started trading for myself.

I admit, I developed this incredible AI platform for my own personal benefit.

I use this cutting edge technology in all of my Tradespoon services to generate 882% profit in just 20 months.

And now that it’s market-proven, I’m happy to make this high-tech AI platform available to you.

It’s what drives my revolutionary, new RoboInvestor service.

RoboInvestor, a is a cutting-edge  stock and ETF investment service that makes it easy for you to cash in on the profit-power of AI as well as other  various high-tech investment and investing  tools and methods.

I want to show you how easy it can be to apply cutting edge AI  to your stock portfolio so you crush the market averages, week-after-week, month-after-month, year-after-year.

In “tech-speak”. . . RoboInvestor uses proprietary, newly-written and self-correcting neural network technology (AI), together with digital filtration and spectral statistical analysis to identify significant patterns that enable the final separation of company trend from market noise. 

Q: Ok, so what does that mean in simple language?

A: What’s important for you to know is that RoboInvestor uses an incredible and proprietary AI Platform that’s based upon cutting edge quant science to make it easy for every self-directed investor — whether novice or experienced — to find and manage high quality, high return stock investment opportunities typically reserved for very high net worth investors.

Let me be clear, this is not an options service.  Our profit window runs to as far out as three months.  No other AI platform does that! And if they say they do, you should ask them if a crystal ball is part of their hi-tach.

RoboInvestor is based on a sophisticated database of stock characteristics and investor preferences, honed over 15 years for unmatched predictive precision. We use an ongoing learning and feedback loop, reliant on powerful technology as well as human input, to most accurately select stocks with the highest statistical likelihood of providing a positive return on investment.

The RoboInvestor platform monitors a universe of 3,000 U.S. stocks based on recent news and price actions for each stock. We leverage sophisticated algorithms, predictive analytics and vast computational power to identify stocks that may be undervalued, and rank them based on probability of a rise in value.

Long-run earnings per share growth, vector, stock volatility, beta, correlation between indices and the stock and other data factor into the model.

Our team of stock picking industry veterans then completes technical and fundamental analysis of the stocks our system ranks.

In plain English, RoboInvestor gulps countless terabytes of information from both historical and split-second current data, looks for a meaningful pattern and then predicts a stock’s price to 3 months out and continuously reevaluates the stock to determine whether to sell, hold or buy more shares. . 

And RoboInvestor AI has a proven-78% success rate. Yes, you read that correctly, we generate profits 78% of the time. 

RoboInvestor is so new, there are no year-long profit statistic on it yet.

But, If you’re skeptical, let me just tell you. . .

I put my money where my mouth is!

Listen, I’ve been around long enough to have been exposed to every “earth-changing” investment strategy Wall Street has ever dreamed up.

I’m telling you Artificial Intelligence is not just another gimmick for Wall Street to market itself.

I don’t like the way Wall Street’s Robo advisors cut you out of the decision process, but I am personally relying upon the very latest, cutting-edge AI to identify money-making opportunities.

YES!  It’s a whole new ball game for the individual investor who’s been restricted
from benefiting from the latest, high-tech AI the big boys are using to create all those 30-something billionaires.

I’m investing my own money in each and every stock as my AI platform identifies.

And remember we’re not talking about day-trading here.  I’m looking for 50-100% gains inside of the next 3 months, so my weekly updates are timely enough for you to act.  Twice a month, you’ll get a complete rundown on what I’ve done with my money that week, what you should do now as well as how our past picks are doing and when to sell them.

I racked up huge gains on my own money by relying on my mind-boggling high-tech AI platform to accurately forecast everything I needed to know about the stocks in my portfolio.

It works!

And here’s the important point that I love to death.  I am still running the show.  Yes, I rely on AI for direction, but unlike those Robo-advisors, I am still the one squeezing the trigger!

Here’s just a glimpse at some of profits I made in my own personal account:

Symbol Action Gain %
BA LONG 86.96%
STX LONG 191.73%
FB LONG 126.23%
RTN LONG 45.97%
V LONG 66.57%
ADSK LONG 107.29%   
HUM LONG 52.55%
UNH LONG 76.10%  
HON LONG 105.37%
AET LONG 62.35%

"Let me be perfectly clear…Those were all profits I made with my own money!"

* Gain % is calculated by dividing the $ Gain by the Max Risk (Stop Loss)  

While RoboInvestor is new, those who have discovered it love it:


“Vlad, thank you for putting together such a terrific program! I've been trading for years and while I made money, I lost much more. I was hesitant to invest almost 10K, but knew I needed proper training. After starting very slowly in mid-July, my total profits since becoming a Tradespoon member now exceed 12K! Thanks again for changing my life!”

Bill W., Texas

Now I’m counting on RoboInvestor to give me and you a great year, no matter what this spectacular market decides to do.  Yup!  I should mention that when this market finally decides to correct, my AI will give me an early heads up.  I mean, how much is that worth to you all on its own.

Here’s one more reason you have got to give RoboInvestor a trial run.  Remember, I said at the beginning of this that. . .

Artificial intelligence is no remedy for human error? 

Well it’s true,

Yes of course AI can “out think” me in terms of analyzing speed and volume.

But here’s the thing.

No AI program can encompass the entire market.  There’s simply too much data to sift through and much of it is superfluous to begin with.

So, I focus all that AI on the filet mignon of the market.

I use my own proprietary powerful predictive tools to feed RoboInvestor’s AI the companies currently representing the market’s best profit opportunities.

This extra layer of technology helps the platform identify the companies with the greatest expectation of the "Annual Growth Rate" and meeting our ambitious investment goals.

AI cannot study the managers or who might be retiring or the anticipation of legislation or Presidential focus…this is where I personally come in and pick out the best AI selection that will also have a long term wind at my back.

So, I’ll be making actual investments with my own money and twice monthly I’ll tell you what I’ve done and what I’m about to do with my own money so you can do it too.

And, in between, know that if I make any moves, or see something that needs your attention, I’ll see to it that you get a high-priority email.

I hope I’ve convinced you to give RoboInvestor a try.

Let me tell you in more detail how this works as well as  the five FREE Special Reports you’ll get with your no-risk trial

Twice a month RoboInvestor will email you an up-to-the-second AI-based distillation of the market, what trends are significant, together with specific recommendations as to what stocks to buy or sell in the portfolio.

A Charter Subscription to RoboInvestor includes everything we have to offer.
All for $497 – Charter Subscription, that’s . . .

$500 off the regular price!

And when you renew, you will be treated with appreciation that you were one of the first to subscriber and will continue to receive the lowest renewal rate.

Use the form below to sign up immediately and with your Charter Subscription you’ll receive exclusive access to these three RoboInvestor Tools

  • Seasonal Charts - Helps you avoid losses, determines when the market will rise and when to invest, and see how stocks have reacted to past political, economic, fundamental, and technical conditions...simply by reviewing historical performance allows you to put in any ticker.  Have a forward looking 6-month projections.

  • Stock Focus List - Allows you to quickly find the most highly liquid stocks on the market. This tool includes links to specific stock research reports, charts, and calculators to save you time.

  • Probability Calculator - Shows you the likelihood that a stock will perfrome below, above, or between certain price targets for a specified time horizon. This can make identifying entry and exit parameters much clearer...and more accurate for greater profits.

PLUS!  Act Now And Get Five AI-Derived Special Reports
Free With a No-Risk Trial

  • AI identifies 3 Blue Chips set to double in 6 months or less.
    If you think big-name stocks are already too large to rapidly double, you’ll want to read, and perhaps act on, this surprising report.
  • AI’s Take on Bitcoin and how to safely rake in  massive returns on other Cryptocurrencies
    Is it really a crazy bubble or will these three or four newcomers go on to remake the world’s currencies?
  • AI’s clear-eyed view of the 3 best Marijuana Stocks
    Like it or not pot and related investments are here to stay.  This Special Report investigates five of the most promising ways to cash in
  • AI names the 5 Best Bio-Tech startups.
    Here’s the very latest on incredible research. From a spit test for cancer to a shot that helps your body re-grow nerves along your spinal cord, these new advances in the world of medicine blur the line between biology and technology—to help restore, improve and extend our lives.
  • AI names 5 High Yield Dividend Stocks to double or triple your monthly income
    With interest rates still scraping bottom, high-yielding stocks can be welcome aspanitions for income-starved investors. In this FREE Special Report you’ll find details on great stocks with high yields and reliable dividends.

What’s more ... you're covered by our...

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Here at RoboInvestor, we stand our platform and proprietary technology. In fact we are so confident you'll love it, we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you decide to cancel within your first 30 days (for any reason), we will refund your entire payment.

Try all of the robust RoboInvestor features and tools on for size. If it's not what you imagined - or if you don't think it's "your cup of tea" - simply let us know within the first 30 days and we'll refund every penny.

No hassle...no hard feelings. We're that sure you'll love it.
Let’s embark on our intelligent journey together and make 2020 a banner year for your portfolio. 

Consider it the sweet spot for self-directed investors and these tools are now readily available for low annual fees. In the weeks ahead, I’ll be providing you with a road map on how to put my lifetime of work and knowledge to formidable use to build your wealth with a high level of confidence.

Thank you and good investing.

Vlad Karpel
Founder and Chief Investment Officer

P.S. Remember, I’ll make it easy for you to cash in on the profit-power of AI and I’ll be investing my own money along with you. Please join me below...

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